Minotaure Templates

Minotaure 2.0 have - among several other ones - a great new tool to save time when designing pages with similar layout: the templates.

A template is a 'ready-to-build' page. You have a structure with widgets, which can be used and reused in every Minotaure content editors. This assure you to keep an editorial - and visual - coherence, as well as a layout to be shared if you have several contributors for your website.

This is quite useful when you have a category of content that comes up frequently: you create a template, and you reuse it on several places of your website.

Advice The content you'll have created in the template's widgets will be copied each time you'll use the template. Do not hesitate to complete these widgets then!
Warning When importing a template in a page, if you change anything in a widget on this same page, it won't modify the template. The system creates a kind of independent duplicata of your template.

Create a template

Go to the left sidebar and click on 'Minotaure', then 'Templates'.


At the top of the page, click on 'Add New'.


You can name the new template, then, the same way as you proceed to create a standard page, you can add as many widgets as you want.

To save the template, click on the right of the screen on 'Publish'.


To 'publish' the template will only make it accessible for a further use in your page building. It won't affect anything on the visible part of your website. This new template remains entirely editable, and just like in standard pages you can drag & drop the widgets, delete or add some, over and over again.

Do not forget to always save your work by clicking on 'Update' on the right of the screen.

Templates' use

Once saved, you may use your template as much as you like to create pages, or enrich every place using the Minotaure content editor.

When you are in the Minotaure content editor, you have the choice between 'Add a widget' one by one (on the left), or 'Import a template' (on the right).


You click on 'Import a template', and in the pop-over window you can select your template (among the ones you've already created). When you select it, all the widgets it contains are automatically added to your page (with their content if any).


After that, it's still possible to reorder / add / delete widgets according to what you need.

Likewise, if you've made a mistake or wish to repeat the same structure several times, you can import the template (or another one) again and again, or single widgets one by one, etc.

Modifications with this tool are endless, it just goes much faster!