Customized widgets

Now you have in mind the precise map of what you want for your website - that's great. For a large part, you know you'll be able to design it with the Minotaure packages Starter and Premium.

To have it complete though, you want to go further and offer your visitors a very special experience. You know precisely what you want and how it should look like. In a word, you need tailor-made widgets to deploy specifically designed functionalities.

That's possible! Minotaure is also designed for this: tailor-made, because the development of your website might be unlimited.

What is a tailor-made widget?

It's a module espcecially designed and developed for you.

It can be reused everywhere you'll need it (where the Minotaure editor is present).

Each of these widgets being unique, there is no general description, but here are a few examples or original creations made with Minotaure.

  • Animated blocks on a customized Hero widget (imitation of the water's movement) - Vivaqua
  • Dynamic map with 'pin-cluster' (= the more you zoom on it, the more info you get on each pin) - Oxfam Magasins du monde
  • Integration of an online ticketing service (here - La Vénerie
  • Dynamic map with GPS route - Eurocyclo