E-shop (= online shop) with Woocommerce

Your site is an online shop. This means that you have a catalogue of products, each with its characteristics, reference, price, stock, etc.

The online shop can take several forms:

  • a simple product list with more or less product information, then a button inviting purchase and then you manage everything manually behind it. This is the simplest version - sufficient if there are few products or if the shop component is not central to your business
  • a catalogue of products, each with a description and a button to add them to a basket. This implies stock management (if the product is no longer in stock it cannot be added to the basket). The can be validated and the person led to a payment interface (which implies the link with an online payment tool). Once the payment is made the person receives a confirmation, and you shipping information.
  • an equally constructed catalogue, where in addition to allowing the purchase of a product, one integrates fees and delivery conditions and/or the creation of a personal account so that the person can follow their order history, consult their favourite articles, etc.

The level of complexity of your webshop does not really make a difference in terms of integration and design of the webshop. We also talk about the "purchase tunnel": what happens between the moment the person consults the list of products and the moment they use a product that belongs to them.

If you have an e-commerce site, you will see this in the backoffice: a "Woocomerce" tab has appeared.

The installation of this plugin, linked to the creation of products (on Ariane, it is a specific CPT and block), will allow you to manage your shop completely. Display, prices, discounts, deliveries, stocks, but also activity reports, various statistics, etc.

The shop is linked to an online payment tool (Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, etc.) and can also be interfaced with a number of functions such as order forms, requests for quotes for customised products, etc.

The documentation on Woocommerce is a well-done one and available here: https://woocommerce.com/documentation/

If you can't find the answer to one of your questions or don't know how to implement an action, remember that we are here to provide you with the necessary support! You can contact us directly: info@spade.be