Customised blocks: Tailor Made


NB: All blocks have several content fields. You are not obliged to fill in all the available fields. You can leave some of them empty if you wish. Their existence is only a demonstration of the maximum that the content block can contain.

You have the overall layout of your site in mind and for a large part of it, you will be able to create it with the different blocks available (Starter Pack and Premium Pack).

To complete your pages, you want to go further on some points and offer a special experience to your users? Maybe you need customised modules to deploy specific features. This is possible! That's what Ariane Minotaur is all about: customisation, because the development of your site is limitless.

What is a tailor-made block?

It is a module designed and developed especially for you, tailored to fit your needs and dressed to fit your identity. This module can be reused on all the pages of your site with content blocks.

Each block is unique, so there is no general description.

However, here is a selection of some of the original creations made for various organisations as an example.

  • Animated blocks on Hero personalised (imitation of water movement - left) - Vivaqua
  • Integration of an online ticketing service ( here) - La Vénerie
  • Dynamic map with GPS route - Eurocyclo
  • Dynamic map with intelligent search for nearby addresses and point cluster (for easy reading) - Beal International
  • Displaying a listing as a map or a list - Hydrogen Europe Research

The display of events in the block can be either in listing (columnar presentation) or in calendar view. This is a custom block, because two different views means two different designs and then the integration of two different screens, so more time and complexity for the appearance on all media.

NB: the calendar view is not included here because it is considered less good in terms of accessibility, and a table is not very readable on a small format.